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Hi I think you had a post about Pocahontas a few days ago and I was wondering why everyone's so against it. I' m not looking for an argument, I genuinely want to know because I always thought the white people were portrayed as the antagonists...

I don’t rmmbr having posted about Pocahontas recently, but there’s a post about it:

feministdisney | disneytrivia:

Pocahontas was harshly criticized by Chief Roy Crazy Horse as historically inaccurate and offensive for glossing over more negative treatment of Pocahontas and her tribe by the English. He claims that Roy Disney refused the tribe’s offers to help create a more culturally and historically accurate film.

You can read his entire statement on the subject, which includes the factual story of Matoka, or “Pocahontas” as she was nicknamed, here, on the official website of the Powhatan Renape Nation.